What Questions Should You Ask a Designer Before You Hire Them?

Redecorating a home is an exciting time! No doubt, you are eager to begin the process so you can enjoy your beautiful new space. Contracting an interior designer can certainly help you achieve your goal, but there are some critical items you should consider first. Before you hire a designer, you need to find out how willing they are to work with your personal style, budget and timeframe.

  1. Can I see your portfolio? Most designers have Interior Design degrees or certifications, but not all have an innate sense of style. It is imperative to see examples of work they have done. Make sure you like their work. Do not just assume it is quality design because of their title.

  2. Can you meet expectations on my budget? Do your homework. Know how much you can spend and find out if your budget is realistic for the scope of the project. Get an itemized summary of what will be included in the project. Make sure you and the designer are in agreement before starting work.

  3. How quickly can you complete the project? A good interior designer should be organized and professional. You should be presented with a detailed project outline, with project stages, and associated cost and timeframe of each stage. This ensures that your project will be completed in an agreed upon, timely manner and not linger.

Discussing these three questions before hiring an interior designer can ensure a positive experience for you and your designer.