Kitchen SpaceS

Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchens are a major room in every household. It always seems to be the place to congregate, whether you're having a party or just hanging out with your family. The problem is, many people spend a great deal of time selecting beautiful cabinets, flooring, countertops, etc., but then get stumped when it comes to decorating the space.

Here are a few important tips to make your kitchen space come alive and feel warm and inviting:

  • Most permanent fixtures in a kitchen are fairly colorless. It is important to have either a paint color, tile, wallpaper, or decorative painting to provide contrast between your cabinets and countertops.
  • Stripes, diamonds, or any geometric pattern is a great way to provide stimulus for your eye. You can choose just one wall for pattern and paint the rest of the walls with one of the two colors chosen for your pattern.
  • Big kitchens require big accessories. If possible, find a place to store little things that make your space look too busy.
  • One large, dramatic piece on a bar counter such as a tiered wired fruit holder, topiary, or floral arrangement will usually do the trick. Some height is very important.
  • A few colorful, large platters or framed pictures on a stand provide a nice backsplash for areas underneath your cabinets and on your countertops. You might want to choose two areas and provide a grouping such as a platter, a chunky candleholder, and a small floral. The idea is to vary height and texture to provide contrast. Colorful canisters are utilitarian and can also provide a great deal of visual interest.
  • If you do not have an island in your kitchen but have the space for one, consider getting a table or island that is not made of the same materials as your cabinets. Mix up the wood and paint color to give it a more interesting look.
  • There is very little wall space in most kitchens, so use space above doorways for fun signs, horizontal plate racks, or architectural pieces. The idea is to always draw your eye upward.
  • If you have room between the top of your cabinets and your ceiling, choose a few areas to do groupings or a single large statement piece. Artificial greens with a basket and a decorative plate on a stand are always good choice for a grouping. Caution: Use good quality artificial greens, and choose only two or three areas at the most to use them. Choose one area to do a long horizontal basket or container filled with florals or greens. This can stand on its own and does not need other items with it. If your cabinets recess, use old books, shoeboxes, etc., to prop up your items.
  • Because there is so little wall space in most kitchen areas, window treatments in your breakfast area and an area rug under your table are almost essential for providing pattern and color.

Have fun, and if you need help, come into the store and we will be happy to work with you!