Decorating Walls

Wall Decor

When decorating your walls, good, quality mirrors, prints and artwork are essential. They are paramount to setting the mood and tone of a room. I start many design projects with the artwork being my inspiration. That's how important it is!! Wall art is a great investment to achieve a high end, pulled together look in your home.

When entering a room, your eyes naturally go to the walls - eye level. Like they say, you have an instant to make a first impression. If there's nothing interesting on the wall, you've lost your opportunity! When planning your wall design, make sure your art is not hanging too far above whatever you're marrying it with. For example, don't hang prints two feet above your sofa. This is a grouping, and should be treated as such. I usually hang items about 6 or 7" above whatever I'm working with.  (Beware of husbands hanging things too high, sorry guys - it's just what you do!!). If you're working with 2 or more prints, make sure you don't have them too far away from each other. Usually 3 or 4" is plenty. You can have the most beautiful artwork in the world, but if you're placement is off, it's a distraction!

In addition, when planning your walls and hanging prints, go vertical--perhaps higher than your comfort zone-the eye always wants to go up!

Try adding a circular piece, like a mirror or other wall hanging to a room. It pleases the eye to see soft corners in a room that normally has many straight architectural edges. You can also try grouping prints with mirrors, sconces or sculptural elements. If you're struggling bring in a picture - we are happy to help!

Lots of people use large family portraits to decorate a room. Though they are meaningful and show great sentiment, it's hard to pull together a color story in a room using family mainly photos. Instead, have a gallery of family pictures going up a staircase or in a hallway.

Don't be afraid to try something new. And again, if you need any help, come by Ivy Cottage. Bring us a picture of a wall that you want to decorate and we'll get you started. Have fun!